Pool Build Tips and Tricks

  • If you are provided a list of contractors, call EVERY SINGLE ONE!
  • If you are not provided a list of contractors, google search and call around.  Sometimes a small plumbing company who does not plumb pools, has a great reference for someone who does.
  • Watch your neighbors who are having pools build and go out there to meet their contractors.  Ask what step in the process they are in and obtain their business cards.  These contractors usually know others who perform different functions in the pool build.  Then talk to your neighbors later to see how they felt the build went.  This is the #1 easiest way to find POOL contractors and these are contractors used by large pool companies, so they do this for a living.
  • Obtain as many quotes as possible.
  • Google search each contractor you call for reviews and potential discount offers.
  • Request a discount for paying cash and make sure if they agree to it over the phone, that it is written on your quote.  This can be using actual cash or cashier’s check, almost every contractor I used offered at least a 10% discount for cash payment.
  • Schedule your contractors according to the build day and ensure you know how many days each contractor expects to take.  Let them know when your others contractors surrounding them are scheduled so if one is late or doesn’t show up, they understand and re-schedule without being upset.