Day 8 – Final Inspection

While you are watering down your shotcrete, you will have your final inspection, pre-deck inspection and pre-plaster inspection.  It is important to schedule these early in the watering system if you want to move forward because any failure to pass these inspections will delay you build.

What we did:

I scheduled this for day 11. We failed our inspection because we have a double gate and the inspector could not find the drop down hole to lock the gate with. I was able to find it later, however I still had to have him come back to confirm.  Your gate(s) to your backyard MUST have locks on them or be self closing.  We have a single gate next to our garage and a double gate on the other side of the house.  Our double gate has a lock with a key code while the single gate has an automatic shutting system.  The self-closing spring was easy to find on Amazon and even easier to install.  I highly suggest this as well if you have pets.

Lessons Learned:

 No real lessons learned here, however I should have done a bit more research on what would be expected at the final inspection.  Failing our inspection did not cause our pool build to delay, luckily, however it could have, had I not been there to discuss what was needed by the inspector.