Day 7 – Shotcrete

After you are cleared to move forward, you can expect your shotcrete to be administered.  This is similar to concrete, but specifically designed for pools and ground movement.  Your crew will show up very early in the morning and prep the area.  If your pool is close to your house, they will cover your home with plastic to avoid getting any debris on the walls and windows.  There is not a lot of vetting to do with shotcrete as it is a very specialized area to work in.  If you find a company who performs shotcrete install, they more than likely work for most of the large pool companies out there.  I still suggest you call around for the best bid and most comfortable company.

What we did:

This is a one day job usually, however will depend upon the size of your pool.  Ours was finished in a single day and the crew washed down our house afterwards, even though it was covered in plastic.  Your pool will really start to look like a pool after this is done!  

Lessons learned:

There are not really any lessons learned on this portion, however be sure to discuss the watering down process with your shotcrete company.  Check to see if they will send someone out to water down the shotcrete or if you will need to.  They may send someone at an extra cost.  We watered down the shotcrete on our own and were worried the entire time that we didn’t water it enough.  NOTE: If you don’t water your shotcrete enough, you risk cracking and damage due to it drying out.  We watered three times/day and were told by our shotcrete company that this was more than enough.

Approximate Cost:

This should cost anywhere from $3000-4000.  Again, this is purely based on the size of your pool.

Photo of shotcrete around plumbing Photo of shotcrete install Photo of shotcrete Photo of shotcrete install