Day 4 – Steel

The next step in this process, once your plumbing lines are down, is to have your steel company come out and lay the foundation of steel lines to your pool.  This is where you will find out if your dig was well done or not.  We found our diggers did not do a “perfect” job, however the steel company was able to fix any issues they came across.  The dirt where we live is very hard and sometimes it is difficult to get straight lines (another reason to go with a free form pool) or perfectly round baja steps.  The steel company will be able to cover these issues within reason.

What we did:

We interviewed a few steel companies before making our choice.  It really came down to personalities on this one.  We had a lower quote with another company, however their customer service was sub-par and I knew if that is how they were when providing a bid, I didn’t want to see what they were like should there be an issue.  As I stated before, we found the dig was not great, however the steel company fixed any flaws.  We had a large round baja step and the steel company did explain how difficult it would be to get a perfectly round step.  They got the steel about as round as you can expect, however my husband was able to detect a slight ovalness to it.

Lessons Learned:

As discussed above, getting a perfectly round step was going to be difficult.  We also found that the steps down into the pool were difficult for the steel company to shape as they coincided with the descent to the deep end of the pool.  Steel work is fairly flexible as the shotcrete will cover it all.  What shotcrete will not cover, however, are any steps up to the back wall of your pool, or where your patio will be placed.  We ended up having to ask the steel company to come back out and cut some steel out from around our pool as the landscapers couldn’t get past it to lay our stone.

Approximate Cost:

Steel should run you approximately $1200-1500.  It really depends upon how big your pool will be.

Photo of pool steel frame Photo of pool steel frame Photo of pool steel frame