Day 3 – Plumbing

Once your pool is dug, you will need your plumbing placed.  The plumbing company you go with will ask you to choose your pump as well as any special items you would like, such as the ability to switch to a salt system, how many fountains you want (if any), how many skimmers you need, etc.  You will need to have these chosen ahead of time so that the plumber is ready when they arrive onsite.  The plumber will also have recommendations of the type of pump you choose as well as the fountain choices, however these are very personal choices so do your homework.

What we did:

We chose to utilize a filter pump.  We had one at our last house and knew exactly how they worked.  They are easy enough to clean and don’t require any backwashing.  We also chose to have an option for a salt system in the event we chose to switch later down the road.  We chose to avoid fountains, and instead did jets out of our large baja step.  We had fountains at our last house, and while they were beautiful, they ended up becoming covered with calcium buildup which was difficult to clean.  The jets have been a great addition as they are a lot of fun for young children to play in, and with such a large baja step, it allows them to play safely with adult supervision.

Lessons Learned:

When the pool was finished and we filled it with water, we found the jets in the baja step and the skimmer lines had been switched.  We had water shooting out of our skimmers and water being sucked in by the jets!  I couldn’t tell you if there is a way to check this before you have water in the pool, but it is something to look at prior to laying your patio.  Luckily for us, we hadn’t laid our stone yet so it was an easy enough fix for the plumbers, who came out immediately to fix the pipes.  While they were out fixing the lines, they painted the piping by the pump to match the color of the house and added a faucet for overflow.  I would highly suggest adding this faucet!  I had no idea I would use it twice in two years already due to large amounts of rain. The pool can only drain itself so well and we needed to assist it a bit.  By hooking up the hose to this faucet, I was able to drain the pool much quicker than it was on its own.

We also did not realize that, while the plumber will dig out the lines for the equipment, they will not fill them.  Be prepared to hire a clean up company at the very end to fill in these holes.

Approximate Cost:

This cost can vary significantly based on how much plumbing you require.  If you are doing in inground spa, this will be much more expensive, as well as if you are planning on several fountains/water features.  Our approximate cost for plumbing was $4000.  This included the pool equipment and cleaner.

Photo of pool plumbing Photo of pool plumbing Photo of pool plumbing equipment Photo of pool plumbing