Day 2 – Excavation

Now that your pool design is laid out in your yard, it is time to excavate.  After you have done your due diligence, received several quotes, and spoken to several excavation companies, you need to make a decision on who to use.  Be cautious when selecting an excavator because they will be DIGGING your pool out and there is little room for mistakes.  Use someone who has several years of experience, great references and appears to know what they are doing, although appearing to know what you are doing and actually knowing are two very different thing!  Make sure you discuss what equipment they will use, how much room they need between your house and the closest fence, whether they need to remove an exterior wall of your fencing and whether they plan to use a crane to drop in their equipment. These are all items which will add up in your costs, but some are necessary.  

What we did:

After interviewing several companies, we chose the one who we felt we were most comfortable with.  They had an acceptable quote and were very knowledgeable.  They informed me of how much space they would need to fit their excavator through our side yard and what the back-up plan would be should they need to access the yard by ways of a different route.  They were clear in their pricing and provided an electronic invoice to review prior to starting the job.  I spoke with the crew prior to them beginning the dig to ensure we were all on the same page and monitored the dig throughout, including taking photos.  It took approximately 3 days to dig out the pool and I inspected their work prior to them leaving.  Once the crew leaves, you CANNOT guarantee they will return so ensure they did it right before they get in their trucks!

Lessons learned:

I was not aware of the extreme importance of a proper dig.  I allowed them to “fudge” the dimensions of the steps a little more than I should have, however it worked out in the end and through all of the contractors, we had the pool we designed.

Approximate Cost:

You can expect to pay between $2000-3000 for this service.  It depends on your location and how hard your soil is.  This cost can get higher than $3000 should the excavator require a crane to drop the bobcat into your yard.  This only happens when there is not enough space between your home and wall to drive it back.

Photo of pool excavation Photo of pool excavation