Day 10 – Pool Lining

The last day of your pool build will consist of installation of the liner.  You can have plaster, pebbletec, micro pebbletec and stone.  I am sure there are even more options, however these were the options we were choosing from.  

Your pool liner will be an important decision and you will need to take into account cost as well as comfort. Plaster lined pools are more difficult to keep up when algae starts growing in the summer months.  Also, while plaster may feel smoother, it is harder on your feet and hands.  Our first pool was a plaster pool and my feet were frequently ‘burned’ from rubbing on the plaster while climbing the walls.  Finally, plaster is more difficult to deal with if you need to drain your pool.  Unless it is consistently under 70*F (day and night), you will need to keep the plaster wet at all times so it doesn’t crack.

Pebbletec is a brand name for lining the pool with pebbles and then sandblasting it down to a smooth finish.  The difference between pebbletec and micro pebbletec is the how small the stones are that are used in the liner.  Micro pebbletec results in a smoother finish than pebbletec.

Another item to consider is what color you want your pool liner to be.  There are dozens of options to choose from and this is a personal choice.  I wanted my pool to be a brilliant blue at night when the light was on and a clear blue during the day.  We went with a medium blue colored liner to match the dark blue mosaic pool line tile and have been very happy with our choice.  Some other choices out there allow you to have a sand colored pool like a beach, a green pool like a lagoon or even a white pool.  Think hard about what you want your pool to look like as this is not a step that is inexpensive enough to change.

What we did:

We went with the micro pebbletec.  It was the priciest option available, however after having a plaster pool, I wanted something that wouldn’t cause my swimsuit to catch and my feet to burn.  I was pregnant with our second child during the build process so I knew I would end up sitting on the large baja step for the next couple of years as our baby learned to swim.

Lessons Learned:

I would highly suggest you go through your pool thoroughly after they complete their sand blasting.  I have found a few spots that are rough and I would have liked to have had those areas sanded down further.  I didn’t look for these spots until the pool was filled with water (we were very excited) and now I live with them.  I was able to take a firm brush to some of them and smooth many of them out, however I notice every single area that is not as smooth as I hoped.  

Approximate Cost:

We paid approximately $4000 for this portion of the build as we went with the highest end micro-pebble and added additional beads in the liner.


Photo of pool lining installation Photo of pool lining installation Photo of pool lining installation


Now it is time to fill, and enjoy your new pool!

Photo of final pool