Day 1 – Layout

After you have selected your contractors, you are ready to hire them and start your process.  The very first contractor you will use is your layout contractor.  This is a person who comes to your property with your blueprints and literally draws out where your pool will lay in the dirt/rock/area.  They will bring their own tools and you provide the blueprint.  They measure, draw out and place twine down.  This tells your next contractor (excavator) where to dig the hole.  The layout contractor will be at your house for approximately 1 hour or less, depending upon the complexity of your pool design.  

What we did:

This was one ‘contractor’ we were unaware of until right before we obtained permits.  Luckily our designer had a referral for this job, so we called him up and he was out to our house the next day.  This contractor does not need to see permits to layout your pool on the ground and once he was done laying out our pool, he ensured we went out and reviewed his job.  This is your design.  If it is any different than you expect, you MUST speak up, because once the excavation begins, there is no going back.

Lessons Learned:

As said before, we did not know about this contractor when we started our scheduling, however it seems fairly evident that someone should layout the pool design before you start to dig.  This is a difficult contractor to just “look up” on the internet.  They are usually someone who does this as a side job.  We paid ours $100 to layout the pool, and he came by our house before he left for his day job.  If you are having trouble finding a layout contractor, try contacting excavators in the area and see if you can obtain a referral.  Sometimes they have someone they used before.  

Approximate Cost:

We paid $90 for this service.  

Photo of baja step layout Photo of layout