Welcome to Our Pool Build

Welcome to OurPoolBuild.com. We built our own pool by hiring our own designer and contractors instead of overpaying an expensive pool building company. We saved over 30% and you can too!

We made this site to share our experience with you so that you can learn from our successes and mistakes. Below is what we did, step-by-step.

Where do I Start?

How we got our our pool designed, what we learned and what we spent.

I have my plans, now what?

Filing your permits and when and how to start looking for contractors.

Day 1 – Layout

Your first hire and what we paid to get our pool layout drawn.

Day 2 – Excavation

Getting the hole dug and how much to pay.

Day 3 – Plumbing

Picking a filter, pump, and water features.

Day 4 – Steel

Framing the pool with steel and fixing mistakes made when digging.

Day 5 – Electrical

Lighting and power for your pool

Day 6 – Pre-shotcrete Inspection

Getting the city out to check your pool before you get too far along.

Day 7 – Shotcrete

Lots of cement and what to expect to pay.

Day 8 – Final Inspection

When to get your final inspection from the city.

Day 9 – Pool Line Tile and Coping Stone

Adding some stone and pool tile and our major regret.

Day 10 – Pool Lining and Final Photo

Putting a lining (Pebbel Tec) on your pool and our final photo

Pool Build Tips and Tricks

Some of our tips and tricks to consider while you build your pool.